City Skate Park

The City's 16,000 square foot Skate Park, located at the corner of the Trans Canada Highway and Lonsdale Avenue, opened in May 2004 and is unlike conventional skate parks.  Considered a "pure street park", it draws skaters from across the Lower Mainland and North America.

The park, which resembles an urban plaza complete with curbs, walls and ramps, was designed with input gathered during several youth focus sessions. It includes a skateable public art piece called The Wave and an environmental bio-swale to slow down and filter run-off into Wagg Creek, a nearby fish-bearing stream.

Skateboarding in the City

Here's where you'll find information about where you can skate, and information on skateboarding guidelines, restrictions and bylaws.

Helmets Are Mandatory for Boarders and Inline Skaters

Good News

Skateboarding and inline skating are now permitted on most City sidewalks and residential streets, as long as you wear a protective helmet. Bylaw No. 6234 makes a helmet required for anyone skateboarding or inline skating on City streets, public open spaces, skateboard parks, and all other City parks.

Bad News

If you are skateboarding or inline skating in any of the identified locations without a helmet, you may be ticketed and fined up to $50.

Smart News

Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head and brain injury by up to 88%.

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