The City has a Child, Youth + Family Friendly Strategy - CNV4ME. The strategy, developed after surveying over 1,000 City residents, places families at the heart of all City decisions, ensuring we build a vibrant, resilient, and complete community. The report has five themes: community engagement, community spaces, housing, programing and services, and community partnerships. View the report.

The CNV4ME Task Force was formed to ensure that the action points of the strategy are implemented with a consultative and collaborative approach. Membership includes representatives from a variety of community departments and key agencies including the City Library, North Shore Neighbourhood House, the RCMP, and North Vancouver Recreation and Culture.

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The City of North Vancouver is run by City Council, a group of seven elected officials who were voted into office. Municipal elections take place every 4 years, and the next election will be in 2022. They meet Mondays at City Hall to discuss our City and make important decisions about our community. City Council and City Hall are in charge of so many things. Find out more on the How Our City Works page.


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Kid City

A map designed for kids and families to explore the City by foot, bike, or bus. With puzzles to solve, things to find, and new places to discover, where will you go today? Visit Kid City Map.

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