Pilot Project Expands Opportunities for Food Trucks This Summer

May 18, 2022

Residents and visitors of the City of North Vancouver will find food carts or trucks in more places starting next month, thanks to a new pilot program.  

The City’s new Mobile Food Services Policy pilot program aims to respond to public demand and encourage the growing food truck industry – particularly in places where food options are limited. Running until October 30, 2022, the pilot program simplifies the application process and opens up new opportunities for food trucks and carts, both in numbers and locations.

“People love food trucks,” said Mayor Linda Buchanan. “Over the past 20 years the demand for mobile food services has risen sharply, and our policies haven’t kept pace. That’s why the City is moving forward with a pilot program that will create new economic opportunities as well as new lunch options for hungry people. This pilot will add vibrancy to the community and create new ways to socialize and connect with neighbours.”

Supporting a Growing Industry

The mobile food service sector is growing in popularity across the region and adds vibrancy and amenities to outdoor spaces ­– bringing opportunities for tourism and community connection, supporting employment and entrepreneurship, and enhancing local foodie scenes with food from diverse cultures at reasonable prices.

The pilot program will allow food trucks and food carts to operate at 16 designated locations throughout the City starting in early June. The program also allows for food carts and food trucks to apply to locate on private property for special events.

Trucks and carts may apply for specific slot and date allocations, providing certainty for vendors and the public. Food trucks will be able to apply for up to eight locations and food carts can operate at all 16 locations listed on the map at cnv.org/foodtrucks.

Application Process

Any food truck or cart operator with a valid City of North Vancouver business licence can apply. The deadline for the first application intake is May 30, and applicants will be informed of their allocations by June 6. Additional applications will be accepted after June 15. Information can be found at cnv.org/foodtrucks.

The pilot project regulations are intended to be less restrictive and more business-friendly, including:

  • A streamlined and simplified application process;
  • More designated locations for food trucks and carts;
  • A rolling intake of applications following the initial allocations;
  • An allocation process that is separate from business licensing;
  • Opportunities for food trucks and carts at events on private property through Special Event Permits; and
  • Fees that both level the playing field with bricks-and-mortar businesses but remain reasonable for short-term operations.

Gathering Data for Long-term Policy

During the pilot project, the City will collect and assess data for the creation of permanent policies and regulations that reflect both best practice across the region and input from the community and businesses.

Watch cnv.org/foodtrucks and the City of North Vancouver’s social media channels for information on locations and vendors, and opportunities to provide feedback in the coming weeks. For more information contact licence@cnv.org.
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