758-762 East 3rd Street

Jason Kooner has submitted a Development Permit Application to the City of North Vancouver for 758 -762 East 3rd St. to allow for the development of a 3 story 10 unit townhouse development with lock off units, 20 bicycle parking spaces and 11 parking spaces including one visitor parking space.


Application Process & Information

Milestone Date Documents How To Participate
Application Accepted October 12, 2022

Architectural Drawings, July 5, 2022 

Landscape Drawings, July 5, 2022 

Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Developer Information Session January 27, 2023 DIS Summary Report Contact the Applicant for information on how to participate.
Revised Submission Based on Feedback TBD  - Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Public Hearing TBD  - View Council agenda or learn how to participate at a Public Hearing.


City Contact Info

Bram Van Der Heijden
Planning Lead
Telephone: 604-983-7357
Email: planning@cnv.org

Applicant Contact Info

Jason Kooner
1320190 BC LTD
Telephone: 604-506-3681
Email: Jkooner13@gmail.com

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