509 East 6th Street

Vernacular Group has applied for a rezoning from RS-1 to RS-2 at 509 East 6th Street. This would permit a subdivision from one to two lots and the construction of a new single family home on each lot.

509 East 6th Stereet 

Application Process & Information

Milestone Date Documents How To Participate
Application Accepted March 22, 2023

Architectural Drawings

Landscape Drawings

Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Developer Information Session April 25, 2023 DIS Summary Report Contact the Applicant for information on how to participate.
Revised Submission Based on Feedback October 16, 2023

Architectural Drawings

Landscape Drawings

Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Council Consideration TBD  - View Council agenda or learn how to participate at a Council Meeting (link: https://www.cnv.org/City-Hall/Council-Meetings).
Council Approval TBD  - Contact City staff or the Applicant with questions or comments.


Contact Info

City Contact

Sara Rasooli
Planning Lead
Telephone: 604-983-7357
Email: planning@cnv.org


Application Contact

Mehrdad Rahbar
Vernacular Studio Inc
Telephone: 604-720-0891
Email: mrahbar@vernaculardev.com

Comments on Project

Your comments will be shared with City staff and the Applicant to help shape the proposal through the review process. Comments will not be posted publicly or shared with Council.

For information on how to provide feedback during the Council process or Public Hearing, visit cnv.org/PublicHearings.


Please provide your contact info if you would like a response to your feedback. Your contact info will be shared with the Applicant but not with Council.

The City is collecting your personal information in accordance with Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The City collects your information for the purposes of administering City programs and services, including permits and licensing services. If you have any questions, please contact the Privacy Coordinator at 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9 or planning@cnv.org or 604-985-7761.

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