Native Bee Pilot Project

The BeeFriendly Conservation Society, a North Shore non-profit organization, is working with the City to implement a Native Bee Pilot Project. Indigenous bee populations have declined dramatically in recent years due to habitat loss, and other environmental impacts. As pollinators, bees play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and making local agriculture possible. This project will help to measure native bee populations on the North Shore and the effects of enhancement efforts. Native bees are solitary and docile and will not sting unless directly provoked.

The project involves placing bee nesting boxes in both naturalized and urban / residential areas of the City that have good habitat for native bees - namely a variety of native and ornamental flowering plants, trees and a water source.

This map shows the proposed sites:

Native Bee Pilot See Sites Map


Nesting Boxes & How They Work

Inside each bee nesting box is a series of grooved wooden panels. Native bees enter the nesting box through holes on the front face and lay their eggs within the grooves on each wooden panel. Different sized grooves provide an opportunity for different species of native bees to lay their eggs during the summer. In the fall, when larvae lay dormant, volunteers remove these, and with assistance from the BeeFriendly Conservation Society, they count and classify the species of bee larvae. This valuable information will provide insight into the status of indigenous bee populations on the North Shore and the effects of conservation efforts. After being cleaned and stored over the winter, the nests are returned to their sites the following spring. The native bee larvae will hatch and the cycle will begin again.

The BeeFriendly Conservation Society is coordinating community groups such as the Boy Scouts to help maintain the boxes through their BeeFriendly Bee Steward Program. This process offers an important learning component for all those involved and nurtures environmental stewardship within the City.

Contact Info

If you would like to find out more about the BeeFriendly Bee Steward program, please visit:

Engineering, Parks & Environment
Tel: 604-983-7333

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