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Bylaws are laws created by local governments in order to plan, govern, and keep our city safe. Bylaws only apply within the limits of the local government that enacted them. In our case, the bylaws of the City of North Vancouver are created to administer and regulate the City’s affairs and are only applicable within the boundaries of the City. Common topics for bylaws include Zoning, Utillities, Property Tax and Enforcement.



In general, there are two types of bylaws:
  • Administrative Bylaws

    Administrative bylaws support the administration of the City.

  • Regulatory Bylaws

    Regulatory bylaws identify the rules that regulate the City.



As bylaws are amended from time to time, a consolidated bylaw is a compilation of the main bylaw and all its inforce amendments. Essentially a consolidated bylaw is created for convenience to serve as a quick reference.


Bylaws posted on this website are provided for information only. These bylaws should not be used in the place of a certified copy as the City of North Vancouver cannot guarantee the accuracy of the bylaws provided on our website. To obtain a certified copy of a bylaw, please contact us at or 604-985-7761.

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