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Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Building energy use currently accounts for approximately 48% of the City's total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 70% of the City's total energy consumption. The City actively works with other partners to support residents and businesses in increasing the energy efficiency and managing their energy use at their homes and workplaces.

Your multi-unit residential building may be eligible for a range of energy efficiency programs, including product incentives to help offset the costs of replacing old, inefficient technologies with new energy-efficient models, as well as free energy assessments. Learn more about current energy savings & rebate programs.

The City also offers an Energy Meter Lending Program to help residents measure the electricity consumption of appliances and electronic devices, even while they are turned off.

The City has also partnered with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association in supporting energy studies for four non-profit housing facilities located within the City. This pilot project provides an opportunity for the City to "learn by doing" through partnering on the assessment and implementation of retrofit projects, while addressing significant social and economic priorities and contributing towards the reduction of building-related community GHG emissions.

FortisBC Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

FortisBC has launched the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program for owners and managers of rental apartment buildings that are nine units and larger.

The program helps owners and managers make changes to decrease their building’s energy consumption and improve tenant comfort. Best of all, the program is offered at no-cost.  The offer includes:

  • A water-efficient shower head and a kitchen and bathroom faucet aerator directly installed in each unit
  • A building energy assessment to identify energy-efficiency improvements and upgrades
  • Ongoing professional assistance from a rental apartment energy management expert to guide owners/managers through the process of making a wide range of energy upgrades 

Learn more about the FortisBC Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

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