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BBQ's in Parks Banned - North Shore Wide

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July 21 Movie Cancelled

Road Work: W. Keith | Mahon to Bewicke

Fun City Festival Aug 12 & 13

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The Shipyards - Lot 5 Development

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Thanks for your Comments

This is an amazing event. It was very well run. I had an amazing time today and I look forward to doing it again next year.

Fun City Festival Thank You 2016

Gotta hand it to @CityOfNorthVan. This is pretty spectacular. #waterslide #NorthVan #SlideTheCity.
~ Dee

Congradulations for showing munis in Metro Vancouver how it should be brought. 
~ Andy

The urban coolness of @CityOfNorthVan continues. 
~ Andy

Local media insisted Lonsdale Ave. was closed this weekend. We can’t think of an instance when it’s been more open. 
~ Chris

Love my walkable hood! Talking it in & enjoying #carfree Lonsdale #movemore #FunCityFestival @CityOfNorthVan. 
~ Veronica

Road closed. Open street. Fun City! @CityOfNorthVan #carfreeday #slidethecity #funcityfestival #lonsdale. 
~ Brian 

Yeah you slide that city. @CityOfNorthVan @slidethecity #NorthVancouver. #slidethecity was an absolute heck of a great time!!! 
~ Jada

Thanks @CityOfNorthVan for @Slidethecity! It was a fun experience. Hope you can bring it back again for next year. 
~ J. Mendoza

Good break from work. Slide The City @CityOfNorthVan Good Sun, good slide, good times! 
~ Scott

In #NorthVancouver today is a huge hit. Long lineups, gorgeous day, smiles all around. 
~ Anita

Having a blast!! City Fun Slide!!! #lowerlonsdale #northvancouver #rollacademy #rolljiujitsu… 
~ Filip 

So much fun making a sunny splash @slidethecity in @CityOfNorthVan - @weathernetwork #SundayFunday #FunCityFestival. 
~ Krissy

Love how @CityOfNorthVan has embraced the fun city spirit. Key to a livable + healthy city. 
~ Neal 

This #SlideTheCity wasn’t only one nor two blocks long… it passed MULTIPLE #NorthVan INTERSECTIONS! #CarFreeYVR. 

~ @HiMY SYeD

Last weekend's #FunCityFestival celebrated all that makes @CityOfNorthVan such an amazing place to live and work.
~ Neptune Terminals

#FunCityFestival @CityOfNorthVan amazing wknd...other than slide-faceburn... but still laughing! Thank u #northvan!
~ Christine

Awesome #carfreeday in #northvan @CityOfNorthVan. 
~ Anita

This is why I love N. Van!!! 
~ Sarah

Okay, we #SlideTheCity, and it was awesome! #SlideTheCity #NorthVan 
~ Fancy

Such a great time at @slidethecity in @CityOfNorthVan lookin forward to next year!
~ Christine 

Great time @slidethecity @CityOfNorthVan. 
~ Brian

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