placemaking [pleys] mak·ing [māking]
noun The art of altering a public space into a living space verb  Creating a public space that connects people in a pleasant and uplifting way

Play CNV

Help us animate the City’s awesome public spaces.

PLAY CNV is a new program all about the transformation of public spaces into vibrant, fun locations that encourage creative use of parks, squares, streets and plazas that connect the community and bring residents together.

The concept of placemaking is shaping cities and towns around the world. From reimagined alleyways, to reclaimed empty lots, placemaking transforms public spaces in unexpected ways through art or structural installations, events, programming, or ‘pop-up’ activities.

The Benefits of Placemaking:

  • Connecting community through positive, fun experiences
  • Increased visibility of your neighbourhood or business area
  • Empowers community groups to make proactive improvements
  • Celebrate all that our City has to offer

Examples of Placemaking:

  • Outdoor fitness class
  • Pop-up market or street food
  • Community celebration
  • Art installation
  • Block party
  • Festival or performance

Current Initiatives


Businesses, community groups and individuals: you're invited to ‘embrace the space’ and create dynamic public play spaces in your neighbourhood.



Contact Info

Tel: 604-985-7761

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