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Eastview Park Improvements

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback regarding the suggested park improvements in Eastview Park. Parks staff will now implement some park improvements based on the feedback received. Park visitors will see some changes in the next few months such as new signs, bench relocation and new waste receptacles. We will continue to look at relocating some of the disc golf baskets and planting native shrubs in the park in spring 2018.

February 2018 Update

Based on the feedback received from the community Parks staff are implementing the following improvements:

  1. A new wooden washroom surround was installed in December. This was in response to feedback received at the open house and online survey.

  2. Relocation of disc golf baskets #1, #2, and #9. New locations for these baskets were coordinated with the local disc golf community.

  3. Once the disc golf baskets are relocated we can prepare for replanting in that area to restore the native forest understory and improve habitat. This planting will be protected by a temporary fence to help with plant establishment. We are planning a community planting event in the spring to help with this initiative.

  4. The addition of new bear-proof waste and recycling receptacles were requested at the open house, including a dedicated container for dog waste. We are waiting for good weather to construct the concrete pads to go under the new receptacles. 

  5. The existing bench located by the washroom on Cedar Village Close will be removed, as supported by public feedback.

  6. We have new park signage and that has been updated based on the public feedback received. The new signage includes park etiquette to facilitate shared use, rules for disc golf, including hours of play from 9am to dusk, park regulations and to raise park visitor awareness to flying discs.

    The new signs will be installed shortly and a preview of some of the signs below:
Eastview Park Sign       Watch for Flying Discs


Open House & Survey Feedback 

Review Open House Boards here.
See Survey Feedback Results


Contact Info

Adam Vasilevich
Parks and Greenways Planner
Engineering, Parks & Environment Department
Phone: 604-983-7333

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