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Green Necklace at E. Keith Rd & Grand Blvd

The City has completed the design of the next section of the Green Necklace trail system.  This will extend eastward along East Keith Road, from St. Andrew’s to Grand Boulevard and north to 19th Street. This routing will allow for the integration of greenway improvements together with the City’s planned bicycle routes and existing transit routes.

Public consultation with the neighbourhoods and local schools has played a key role in shaping the design. The City will continue to work with the neighbourhoods as the project progresses through to completion.

Construction began in the summer 2016, and was completed in Spring 2017.


Proposed Design

East Keith Road (from St. Andrew’s St. to East Grand Boulevard)


  • Adding a multi-use path for pedestrians and family cyclists on the north side of Keith Road (with a flexible design around encroachments where possible)
  • Adding street trees to the north side of Keith Road
  • Upgrading lighting at road intersections for overall safety and underground conduit for future lighting infill
  • Adding on-street bike lanes
  • Moving the south curb further south to accommodate parking bays and bike lanes
  • Adding traffic calming measures ("right-sizing" travel lanes and adding corner bulges)
  • Improvements at the Keith / Grand / Queensbury Intersection


Grand Boulevard (from East Keith Road to 19th Street)

  • Adding separated single-direction bike paths on the perimeter of the park
  • Adding safe, shared crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Adding street trees along the bike paths
  • Paving the existing central pedestrian path to enhance accessibility
  • Upgrading lighting at road intersections for overall safety

First Open House

Second Open House


Contact Info

Jonas Moon
Project Engineer Manager
Engineering, Parks & Environment
Phone: 604-983-7386

Wayne Turner
Landscape Design Technician
Phone: 604-990-4207