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Heritage Advisory Commission

Purpose: To advise Council on matters related to the City's Heritage Program including:

  • Public education and awareness
  • Listing of heritage reserves on heritage inventory
  • Incentives to encourage conservation
  • Regulations and legislation to protect heritage inventory
  • Monitor resources on the inventory

The Heritage Advisory Commission also assists Council through the implementation of public education and awareness activities as part of the Heritage Program.

Terms of office: Seven members serve a two-year term to a maximum of 8 years.

Commission Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Heritage Advisory Commission
Members Larissa Grierson (Chair)
Kevin Healy (Vice Chair)
Lori Boyd
Ali Shakarchi (Architect)
Allan Molyneaux
Marian Wilkins
Councillor Councillor L. Buchanan
Day 2nd Tues
Time 5:30 pm
Notes Term ends January 31
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Edytha Barker, Committee Clerk
Annie Dempster, Staff Rep
Phone 604-990-4223 (Edytha Barker)
604-990-4216 (Annie Dempster)
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