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Current Vacancies

Get Involved - Volunteer in the City

Volunteering is a great way for residents to get involved, provide input on important issues and make a positive contribution to our community. The City is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies on the following Committees. All committee applicants must be City residents.The City welcomes applications for all committees and to expand committee wait lists.

Advisory Design Panel

The City is currently accepting applications for a community representative who resides in the City and a construction industry representative to serve on the Advisory Design Panel. The appointee from the construction industry should preferably be active in construction activities on the North Shore and should have done work in the City.

Purpose: To recommend to Council on applications for renovation, addition or new construction usually on three family or higher development based on building relationship, siting and location within the subject and surrounding property, mass or scale of building, design, landscape, exterior finishes, impact on neighbourhood, crime prevention and environmental impact. The Advisory Design Panel also provides Council with reports on Sign Applications, and major development proposals as public streets, parks, or other public properties.

Board of Variance

The City is currently accepting applications for community members to serve on the Board of Variance.

Purpose: To adjudicate appeals for minor variance to the Zoning Bylaw and rule on applications under Sections 901 and 902 of the Local Government Act.

Heritage Advisory Commission

The City is currently accepting applications for community members to serve on the Heritage Advisory Commission.

Purpose: To advise Council on matters related to the City’s Heritage Program including: Public education and awareness, listing of heritage reserves on heritage inventory, incentives to encourage conservation, regulations and legislation to protect heritage inventory, monitor resources on the inventory and to assist Council through the implementation of public education and awareness activities as part of the Heritage Program.

Integrated Transportation Committee 

The City is currently accepting applications for community members to serve on the Integrated Transportation Committee.

Purpose: Advises Council and City staff on transportation policy, planning and mobility issues within the City of North Vancouver. The Committee will work towards creating, promoting, developing and improving an energy efficient, affordable and safe transportation network in the City of North Vancouver that supports a variety of transportation choices and minimizes environmental impacts, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and potential for noise pollution.

North Shore Advisory Committee on Disabilities Issues (ACDI)

Purpose: Advises the Mayors, Councils and staff of the three North Shore municipalities on a wide range of issues affecting people with disabilities. Prospective volunteer members must have a disability, be a resident of the City of North Vancouver, and be able to attend meetings on a monthly basis. Contact for further information on the committee.

Social Planning Advisory Committee

The City is currently accepting applications for the Social Planning Advisory Committee. Applicants must be City of North Vancouver residents.

Purpose:: To advise on broad social, cultural and ethnic concerns that affect residents of the City and recommend on matters concerning the planning and development of municipal strategies to meet community social needs.


The City welcomes applications throughout the year for all committees to expand the wait lists.

Applications and detailed information can be found in the Committees section or by calling 604-998-3296.

Note: If you don't see a vacancy on a committee that interests you can still submit an application and you will be placed on a candidate wait list for future consideration.

To Apply

City Council welcomes applications from citizens interested in volunteering their time, sharing their expertise and helping their community. We encourage you to submit an application. If you are considered for a position, the City Clerk's department will advise you of the selection process.

For more information on Committee, Commission or Board vacancies and how you can serve the community of North Vancouver, contact the City Clerk's Department.

Contact Info

City Clerk's Department
Tel: 604-998-3296

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