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The simplest way to reduce the amount of waste you generate is to buy and use less. Although green options are growing and new solutions are being explored, until they catch up to the rate at which we produce waste, recycling is our most immediate option.

Recycling helps conserve valuable resources, diverts waste from the landfill, saves energy and supports a green economy. If you're already using your Blue and Grey Boxes, Yellow Bag and Green Can, you know how easy it can be to reduce the volume of your garbage!

Acceptable Materials for Recycling

Blue Box

  • Paper packaging containing liquids when sold (such as milk cartons, paper cups)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Metal packaging

Grey Box

  • Glass bottles and jars (collected separately from other containers as of July 2015)

Yellow Bag

  • Mixed paper
  • Newspapers and inserts (now combined with mixed paper as of July 2015)

Need a new Blue/Grey Box or Yellow Bag? Pick up at City Hall or the Recycling Drop-Off Depot.

To report a missed recycling collection or to order a Blue/Grey Box: Call Smithrite at 604-929-3416.

To have a Yellow Bag mailed to you: Call the City's Engineering Department at 604-983-7333

Please note, our contractor WILL NOT pick up recycling from the following containers:

  • Recyclables placed at the curb in any type of plastic bag besides a City of North Vancouver yellow recycling bag.
  • Recyclables placed at the curb in a Blue Box larger than 61L capacity or any other container other than those noted above.

What Goes Where?

Use What Goes Where search tool to find out where and how you can recycle all your different items and what to do with the ones you can't recycle.

If you can't find the material you're looking for here, try:

Recycle BC

You can now recycle many more items in your blue box!  Since May 19, 2014, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to B.C. residents have become responsible for collecting and managing these materials so they can be recycled.  Recycle BC (previously Multi-Material BC/(MMBC), a non-profit organization working on behalf of these businesses, is working with the City to continue to provide recycling to residents. Visit Recycle BC's website for more information:

BC Recyclepedia

The BC Recyclepedia App is another quick and simple tool to find recycling options for over 70 materials or products across British Columbia. Select the material you want to recycle for a list of the 10 nearest depots based on your phone's location. Select a depot for a detailed summary including address, map, hours, contact info, and notes such as other recycling programs collected at that depot. Finding where to recycle is now at your fingertips!

Reduce, Reuse, Share, Repair!

The best way to deal with garbage is by not creating it in the first place.

Many easy choices can be made to avoid creating waste:

  • Carry reusable grocery bags and a reusable water bottle.
  • Choose products with minimal packaging.
  • Avoid disposable items.

Before you buy an item, consider if it needs to be bought at all. If you will only use it a few times, consider borrowing from friends or neighbours or buying second-hand instead.

Before throwing an item out, try selling it online or giving it away, or donate it to one of the many charities or thrift stores across the North Shore. Check out the list below: 

Used clothing, books, small household items and furniture can also be dropped off or picked up by many organizations throughout the City including:

  • Salvation Army (604-293-1711)
  • Big Brothers (604-521-4393 or
  • Canadian Diabetes Association (604-732-1125)
  • SPCA Thrift Shop (604-983-9522)
  • Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop (604-987-5938)
  • Good Stuff Connection (604-987-1773)

While basic garbage and recycling collection service is necessary to sustain the health, safety, social and economic well-being of the community, the City encourages community-driven and supported ideas for reducing waste. Residents who take the initiative to make green choices in what they buy and how they live help the City further its sustainable plans for the community.

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