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2017 Dog Waste Pilot Program

In an effort to divert recyclable or unwanted waste from landfills, the City conducted a waste audit in 2016 to collect data on items in public trash receptacles throughout the City. The audit revealed that many street and park bins have a very high percentage of dog waste, by volume and also in comparison to other types of waste. While small amounts of dog waste are permitted to be sent to the landfill through regular waste collection, large amounts are harmful to the environment and public health, and are more effectively treated by the regional wastewater (sewage) treatment plant.

The City is conducting a year-long Pilot Program throughout 2017 that aims to divert some dog waste from the landfills. In the City’s three off-leash parks at Mosquito Creek, Kings Mill Walk and Lynnmouth Park, there are Red Bins for Dog Waste Only placed adjacent to the existing trash receptacles. Once per week, these red bins will be emptied, and the waste will be taken to the sewage treatment plant for disposal.

Throughout the year, the City will be keeping track of the amounts of dog waste diverted through the 2017 Pilot Program, and towards the end of the year, will conduct another waste audit to study how the new red bins are being used by dog owners. Following this year-long Pilot Program, the City will review adding dog waste only bins to other areas in the City that showed a high percentage of dog waste. Please look for these signs on the red bins in the off-leash parks:

For further information on dog waste and waste services in the City of North Vancouver, see:

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Jessica Oakes
Engineering, Parks and Environment
Tel: 604.982.3969

Julie Cecchetto
Engineering Parks and Environment
Tel: 604-983-7331

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