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Student Filming

We encourage student filming in the City. Please read the information below and check the Student Filming Guidelines. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Film and Shipyards Liaison.

Film Permit Requirements

Film students are required to obtain a film permit for any production activity that occurs within the public right-of-way. Production activity includes personnel, equipment and vehicles. The public right-of-way includes all city streets, sidewalks, parking lots, parks, public buildings, etc. Typically, the permit application fees are waived for students. If any City services are required (e.g. RCMP for traffic control, escort for fire arms, special effects supervision, Fire personnel, Signing personnel, etc.) the costs are incurred by the school; thus the need for these services should be avoided. See Student Filming Application.

Student filmmakers are also responsible for providing a blanket insurance policy of no less than five million dollars, listing the City of North Vancouver as an additional insured. All projects are subject to City filming guidelines and any applicable bylaws. See Student Filming Guidelines.

Film Permit FREE

Film permit fees will be waived for film school projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The school is an accredited and recognised education institution.
  • The project must be assigned by the instructor and be part of the curriculum.
  • All personnel working on the project are doing so without financial compensation.
  • The project is for academic use, not to be used for commercial gain.

Filming Locations

Locations are one of the film industry's key resources and it is imperative that they are treated correctly and with due care. While we encourage and support student filmmaking, it is not at the expense of the community. We do not permit student filming in the Cemetery.

Permit Processing Time Requirements

Student film permit applications should be submitted in advance with no less than four working days' notice. We recognize that production schedules are subject to change; however, all deviations from the original filming schedule or activity must be approved by the municipality.

Contact Info

Clare Husk
Film & Shipyards Liaison
Tel: 604-982-3910
Cell: 604-679-2525

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