The City of North Vancouver recognizes that effective, sustainable delivery of municipal services relies on a clear financial vision and fiscally responsible planning.

For many years, the City has maintained healthy reserves and a solid plan for delivering major capital projects to the community. With our current population of 48,000 residents projected to rise to up to 62,000 by 2021, our challenge lies in distributing limited financial resources that meet current needs and also provide for the long-term.

Sustainable Financial Planning

The goal of the City's financial planning strategy is to ensure that sufficient funding is provided over the long-term so that services and infrastructure can be sustained at the required level to maximize value for its citizens.

According to the Local Government Act, the City is required to align its Financial Plan with its Official Community Plan (OCP). In this way, the Financial Plan becomes a key component in reaching the City's goals of sustainability and liveability.

NAIOP Vancouver (The Commercial Real Estate Development Association)

NAIOP Vancouver's 'municipal report card' acknowledges municipalities which have excelled in creating environments positive to business creation. In 2012, the 13th annual report card compared the performance of 21 municipalities in the Vancouver Metro area. The City was recognized for successfully limiting cost increases to a rate below the average rate of inflation since the survey's inception in the year 2000. Visit our Financial Plan page for more information about the City's 2012-2021 Financial Plan.

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