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Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

Magnetic North Van Information Session

May 23 | 5:30pm - 8pm @ Harry Jerome Rec Centre Courtyard

Thank you for your attendance and participation at the recent Magnetic North Van Information Session!  It was extremely valuable to engage in discussion with you on the project vision and emerging concept design. Read a summary of what we heard.

City Skate Plaza Design Workshop No. 2

May 22 | 5:30 - 7:30 pm @ Centennial Theatre Performance Studio

Thanks for coming out to give us your feedback on the emerging concept designs for the new and interim skate plaza! It was really exciting to see so many of you out at the event to participate in the process and provide feedback! Read a summary of what we heard.

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As noted in the reports to Council in March 2018, the financing of the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre is tied to the development of the lands to the south (current HJCRC lands). Darwin Properties is proceeding with their application regarding the development of these lands, and a public hearing will be held in June 2018. Pending the outcome of the public hearing, a report requesting project approval of the HJCRC will be before Council in July 2018, and a project schedule would be included for Council’s consideration.

The project cash-flow for the new HJCRC has been identified as a critical component. HJCRC funding is required to be in place prior to starting the construction of the new HJCRC. The current funding plan includes provision for loans as well as income from the land lease of the S23rd lands, however the income generated from the lease to Darwin is only realized when the lands are transferred.

The opportunity to implement the S23rd lands in phases would provide a revenue stream to the HJCRC project, and would decrease the risk of funding the project entirely by loans. After careful consideration of phasing options, the project teams are considering a schedule that would allow the development proceed as follows:

HJNL Phase One – 2019-2021
Lawn Bowling re-location to Mickey McDougall Field (construction of new greens and clubhouse). Planning work is already underway with the Lawn Bowling Club, and this will be included in items for Council’s consideration in July 2018.

Once the Lawn Bowling facility has been re-located, the site of the current greens, clubhouse and tennis courts would be leased to Darwin, and construction of the two buildings currently proposed for that site would begin. The construction of these two buildings would be anticipated to be completed in 2021.

HJNL Phase Two – 2021-2023
The site of the current Memorial Community Centre building and adjacent parking at the corner of 22nd and St George would be scheduled for construction. The programs provided through NVRC would be re-located to other sites as possible. The construction impacts of this site would have significant impacts on the Silver Harbour Senior’s Activity Centre. The City of North Vancouver has asked Silver Harbour to consider a temporary re-location to another building until their permanent home in the new HJCRC is completed in 2023. Should Silver Harbour agree to the temporary re-location, the current SH site would also be included in Phase Two development, and the revenues from this transfer of land would have significant benefit to the City ‘s financial position.

The City and Darwin have proposed to Silver Harbour a temporary re-location to one of the new buildings at the corner of 21st and Eastern. The current proposal would provide Silver Harbour with 18,000 square feet of space on the 2nd floor of the brand new building, and the costs associated with the temporary re-location would be borne by the City. Silver Harbour will require the approval of their membership to proceed with confirmation of this plan.

HJNL Phase Three – 2023
Upon completion of the new HJCRC, Silver Harbour and all HJCRC programs would re-locate to the completed centre, and the current HJCRC lands would be handed over via land lease to Darwin for completion of the residential development.



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