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Public Notice: Anti-Train Whistling
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OCP Public Hearing September 29th
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Sustainable City Award
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Lawn Sprinkling Regulations
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Skateboarding & Rollerblading Guidelines & Restrictions

The City promotes and encourages non-motorized forms of transportation, including walking, cycling, skateboarding, and rollerblading. For safety reasons, when skateboarding or rollerblading, users must:

  • Wear a helmet (except when wearing a helmet would interfere with a religious practice)
  • Skateboard or rollerblade as close to the right side of the roadway or lane as is practicable
  • Not use roadways or lanes where the speed limit exceeds 50 km/hr

At times, non-motorized transportation modes can conflict with each other or with motorized transportation, posing safety hazards for users. As a result, the City has identified streets where skateboarding and rollerblading would be unsafe - i.e., streets where there can be significant differences in speeds between different modes, where traffic volumes are heavy, or where there are steep slopes. As per the City's Streets and Traffic Bylaw (No. 6234), skateboarding and rollerblading are not permitted on any of the streets described in Schedule I of the bylaw unless the street has been closed to traffic.

The following is also a summary of streets and plazas where skateboarding and rollerblading are strictly prohibited on both street and sidewalk:

  • Lonsdale Avenue from 25th Street (Upper Levels Highway) to Carrie Cates Court
  • Esplanade from Forbes Avenue to St George's Avenue
  • Carrie Cates Court from Lonsdale Avenue to Chesterfield Avenue
  • Chadwick Court
  • Chesterfield Place
  • Marine Drive from Bewicke Avenue to MacKay Road
  • 13th Street from Lonsdale Avenue to St George's Avenue
  • 15th Street from St. George's Avenue to Chesterfield Avenue
  • 14th Street Civic Plaza
  • 19th Street between Moody Avenue and Ridgeway Avenue
  • St. Roch Dock
  • Burrard Dry Dock Pier
  • Goldsworthy Pier
  • Roger's Plaza

Under the Street and Traffic Bylaw, the fine for skateboarding or rollerblading without a helmet is $40. The fine for contravening the other stipulations described above is $90.

Should you wish to report a skateboarding offence, please contact:

Contact Info

City Bylaws
Tel: 604-904-7378
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

RCMP Non-emergency
Tel: 604-985-1311
Hours: 4:30pm - 8:00am

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