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Garbage, Recycling & Green Can Collection

The City provides curbside garbage, recycling and Green Can (food scraps and yard trimmings) collection to more than 44,000 residents, moving tonnes of waste materials each year. Garbage is transported to the North Shore Transfer Station, recycling is delivered to a private recycling processing yard, and food scraps and yard trimmings are brought to a private composting facility.

Thanks to you, we are now diverting over 70% of our waste from the landfill! There is still work to be done to achieve our regional goal of 80% diversion by 2020. The City will continue to develop innovative programs and services to reduce and manage our waste materials. Remember, the best way to deal with garbage is by not creating it in the first place. Making small changes to how you purchase and use items can make a big difference.

Curbside Collection

The City is organized into four collection areas designated A through D. Make note of which collection area applies to your residence by checking the Collection Map and Collection Calendar. Collection guides are available at City Hall or you can request a copy by mail by calling 604-983-7333 or emailing

Information about garbage, recycling & Green Can collection in the City of North Vancouver.
Information about garbage, recycling & Green Can collection in the City of North Vancouver.
Information about garbage, recycling & Green Can collection in the City of North Vancouver.

Download the NEW CityCollect App and never miss another collection day for Recycling, Green Can or Garbage! Find out what is collected in the curbside collection program, how to prepare it, get reminders and much more.

Don't have a smartphone or tablet? No problem. Type your address into the online tool to find your personalized collection calendar.

For residents living in apartments, condos or townhouses and other multi-family buildings, please click here for collection info.

Garbage Collection - Every Other Week

What goes in the garbage? Not much! Before placing items in your garbage, check to see if they can be recycled, put in your Green Can, or taken to a designated drop-off depot for safe disposal.

  • Curbside garbage is collected by City crews every other week. Food scraps make up 40% of household waste in the City, so every other week garbage collection helps ensure that food scraps are placed in the Green Can rather than going to the landfill.
  • Each home has a maximum of two 77-litre garbage cans, with lids, every other week. 
  • Maximum weight is 20kg per can.
  • If you have more garbage than allowed, extra Garbage Tags can be purchased from Harry Jerome Rec Centre and City Hall for $3.00 per each additional 77-litre bag.

The following items are banned from the garbage and must be recycled. If included in your garbage, your garbage may not be collected.

  • Food scraps and yard trimmings
  • Any material currently recyclable in the curbside Recycling Program
  • Any material currently recyclable in a BC Take Back Program
  • Grass, sod and rocks
  • Biomedical waste
  • Construction / renovation materials (e.g. clean wood, drywall, etc.)
  • Large appliances & metal items
  • Furniture
  • Animal carcasses / animal waste

For more information about banned/prohibited materials, visit

Green Can Collection - Weekly

  • Curbside Green Cans (food scraps and yard trimmings) are collected by City crews every week
  • Place food scraps and food-soiled paper together with your yard trimmings in a 77-litre can with a lid and a Green Can decal (Green Can decals can be picked up at City Hall).
  • Yard Trimmings are also accepted in kraft-paper bags with folded tops (but no food scraps please).
  • NO plastic bags, even if labelled compostable or biodegradeable, are allowed in the Green Can.
  • Bundle twigs and branches with bio-degradable string or twine. No wire, nylon rope or plastic strapping. Place beside, not inside, Green Cans.
  • Max bundle size: 1m long and 30cm in diameter. Max branch thickness: 7.5cm.
  • Max weight per can, bag or bundle: 20kg.

For more info and tips on what can go in your Green Can visit Green Can Program.

Recycling Collection - Weekly

  • Curbside recycling (Blue Box, Grey Box and Yellow Bag) is collected by Smithrite Disposal Ltd. every week.
  • Blue Boxes, Grey Boxes and Yellow Bags can be picked up at City Hall, or delivered to you.
  • No plastic bags, soft plastic or plastic foam are accepted in the Blue Box.
  • Remove caps and lids and place loose in Blue Box.
  • Place the Yellow Bag beside, not inside, the Blue Box.
  • Flatten and cut large cardboard to no larger than 30 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Stack neatly and securely beside or between recycling containers.

For more info and tips on what can be recycled, visit Recycling.

How To Set Out Curbside Materials

  • Material must be set out on the morning of collection to avoid attracting animals and before 7:30am to ensure collection.
  • Secure the lid, but don’t use bungee cords/straps, rope or string to tie lids onto cans - this will result in your materials not being collected.
  • Please set all cans, boxes and bags side by side in a straight line for quick, easy collection.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your residential garbage, Green Can or recycling collection please call City Operations at 604-987-7155 or email

Transfer Station

The North Shore Transfer Station is located at 30 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver and is owned by Metro Vancouver.

Acceptable Materials & Fees

Click here to find out which materials are accepted at the transfer station.  Applicable disposal fees and limits may apply.


  • April 1 to Sept 30:
    • Weekdays: 5:30am to 6pm (Recycling Drop-Off Area opens at 8am)
    • Saturday: 8am to 6pm
  • Oct 1 to March 31:
    • Weekdays: 5:30am to 5pm (Recycling Drop-Off Area opens at 8am)
    • Saturday: 8am to 5pm
  • Sunday & Statutory holidays: 9am to 5pm
  • Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day

For more information visit the Metro Vancouver North Shore Transfer Station.

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