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Development Regulations / Planning Policies

The City is committed to creating a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable community. To achieve this goal, the City encourages development in certain areas and may limit projects in other areas.

Regulations for Development

If you are a property owner who wishes to build or use your property in a way that falls within the City's existing regulations, you can simply apply for a building permit or business licence.

However, if you are a developer looking to build or develop a property that does not fit with the City's existing regulations, you may apply for Council permission by submitting the appropriate development application(s). Essentially, your development application is a formal request for a change to one or more of the City's existing regulations. When Council receives a development request, they will seek input from City staff, advisory bodies, and the public before deciding whether to grant permission for the development.

There are also three sets of municipal documents which guide the City's development decisions. The policies listed below outline the types of buildings that can be developed and how they may be used:

  1. Official Community Plan
  2. Zoning Bylaw
  3. Construction Regulation Bylaw

Official Community Plan

As one of the City's most important policy documents, the Official Community Plan (OCP) is a statement of goals and principles that guides the City's planning for the type of community the City wishes to become. Within the OCP, there is a component which outlines how different areas of the community should be developed in order to achieve the City's long-term vision.

The OCP is reviewed and revised approximately every ten years. Between revisions, minor changes are sometimes made. These minor changes are formally referred to as amendments.

City Development Bylaws

Bylaws are the laws passed by Council. There are two bylaws which focus specifically on development: Zoning Bylaw and Construction Regulation Bylaw.

Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw describes allowable building shapes, sizes, placement and uses. Every property in the City is assigned a certain zone, for example, RS-2 zone or CD-432 zone. For each zone, there is a section of the Zoning Bylaw that outlines the type of building which can be erected and how they can be used.

Review Zoning Bylaw and map.

Construction Regulation Bylaw

The Construction Regulation Bylaw, together with the Provincial Government's BC Building Code, is a set of rules on how to construct buildings to make them safe.

Review Construction Regulation Bylaw.

Schedule of Application Fees

Current applications fees for rezoning, development permits, variance applications, and other planning approvals.

Review Application Fee Schedule (Page 10)

Contact Info

For questions regarding:

  • development projects currently underway
  • plans for future development

Please contact Community Development at 604-990-4220.

For questions regarding:

  • Subdivision of lots
  • Road building and maintenance
  • Street parking
  • Sewers, sidewalks, and electrical poles
  • Public parks and green space

Please contact Engineering, Parks & Environment at 604-983-7333.

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