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Climate & Environment Task Force

On February 25, 2019, Council passed a Notice of Motion adopting more ambitious GHG reduction targets of 80% below 2007 levels by 2040 and net zero or 100% emissions reductions by 2050 and directed staff to incorporate the targets into forthcoming updates to City plans, policies and practices. The Notice of Motion also directed that a Climate and Environment Advisory Task Force be struck to provide guidance and support for this work.

In response to this Notice of Motion, the City will be developing progressive avenues for deep emissions reductions and enhancement of ecological health through the development of a new Environment Strategy. The Strategy will identify specific policy direction, implementation actions and priorities to achieve net zero emissions, protect and enhance natural assets and ensure resilience to climate change impacts. The Strategy scope includes the following areas: building energy & emissions, renewable energy, zero emissions transportation, zero waste, natural areas & ecosystems, urban agriculture, green infrastructure, and corporate practices.


  • Review the City’s existing environmental policies, plans and programs to identify opportunities for further development and advancement
  • Generate proposals for key actions to achieve the City’s emissions reduction targets and environmental protection goals
  • Provide a forum for sharing information among various community stakeholders and encourage positive community engagement
  • Assist staff with analysis of best practices and consultant recommendations
  • Participate in topic-specific workshops with staff and/or consultants
  • Provide guidance and support towards development and implementation of the City’s Environment Strategy

Purpose: To provide guidance and support on policy and actions required to achieve the City’s new greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, and to protect and enhance the City’s natural habitat and ecosystems.

Meeting Schedule: Meetings will be held at City Hall generally on a monthly basis.

Term of Office: The community representatives will serve on the Task Force from their appointment by Council through to approximately 18 months from the first meeting.


Commission Meetings

Committee & Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Climate & Environment Task Force
Members Alex Boston
Keegan Casidy
Brady Faught
Kasha Foster
Katie McMahen
Erika Rathje
Darla Simpson
Justin Wong
Councillor Councillor Jessica McIlroy, Chair
Day First Tuesday of every month
Time 7:00 pm
Notes Term ends
Committee Clerk Dawn-Louise Wiens
Staff Rep Jennifer Draper - Deputy Director, Planning & Development
Phone 604-983-7357
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