Lot Adornment Products

In-ground vases and bronze bud vases are available for families to honour their loved ones in the Cemetery. These products must be purchased from the City and fees paid as specified in Schedule A.

In-ground Flower Vase

This durable vase has a removable insert for holding water. In-ground vases are installed flush to the ground by the caretaker. A maximum of two in-ground vases shall be allowed and set in each lot. They are permitted in all areas of the Cemetery excluding the Veteran Section.

Bronze Bud Vase

This bronze bud vase accents the columbarium niche door and provides a water receptacle for a flower bud. The installation of a vase on a niche door is done at the same time as the memorial inscription so that it can be incorporated into the overall layout. It must be carried out by a company authorized by the City.

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